4 factors to keep in mind before buying organic food

organic food

Organic crops are grown without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides or bio-engineered (GMO) genes. Organic foods are the product of sound farming practices.

Due to the exponential demand in the organic food market, many organic farmers are taking shortcuts. Organic food principles are difficult to follow when there are large volumes of food to trade. Here are some ways to make sure the food products you buy are actually healthy and organic.


Food products will never be the same. If the food comes from organic and natural agriculture, two copies of the same product will never be alike. In nature, it is impossible to find even two leaves that look exactly alike. So the next time you go shopping for organic food, beware of products that look identical!


Fruits, vegetables and grains from organic farming are not huge. So, if you see huge cauliflowers, potatoes, eggplants, peppers, cabbages or gourds labeled as organic, it is advisable not to transfer them to your plate. However, it is possible to grow huge vegetables and fruits organically, but it is not the norm and it is rare to encounter it.


We all get cold feet when we buy our legumes and find insects in them. But, it turns out that finding bugs in your legumes and grains is good news. Naturally grown legumes and grains such as moong sabut daal, brown rice, white rice, etc. necessarily contain insects. Insects begin to reside there after 2-3 months of storage and especially during the rainy months. So the next time you find a worm in your legumes, don’t be afraid to wash it properly and dry it in the sun. Worms do not contaminate food, pesticides are responsible.


Naturally grown fruits and vegetables will simply taste better than your regular vegetables. As you cook, you’ll find that you need less spice for your naturally grown vegetables because they already have so much natural flavor.

Likewise, naturally grown fruits are juicier, sweeter and therefore tastier. Due to the spraying of acetylene gas on your regular bananas, they become watery. Organic bananas will taste much better.

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