Actor-director Sreenivasan cultivates a new passion for organic farming

Thiruvananthapuram, December 5 (IANS): Actor Sreenivasan’s face evokes laughter in Kerala theaters due to the spontaneous spirit it is synonymous with. He has now discovered a new passion for organic farming.

Sreenivasan is also one of the most sought-after screenwriters and directors in the world of Malayalam cinema.

He opened an organic farm “Sreeni Farms”, to empower farmers in Ernakulam district. Actor and publicity director Stajan VJ support farmers with organic fertilizers and buy-back of cultivated produce.

After successfully cultivating organic rice products, the duo and their friend Khalifa opened a farm in the tribal village of Chekadi, in the Wayanad district.

Sreenivasan, speaking to IANS, said: “The idea is to provide native and tasty rice plants like ‘Kalladiyaran’ which was on the verge of fading into oblivion but for the MS Swaminathan Foundation in Wayanad which preserved the seeds. “

The actor-director said Wayanad has more than 100 native rice seeds, but 90 of them are on the verge of extinction. However, around ten varieties of seeds have been saved by a few organic farmers as well as by the MS Swaminathan Foundation.

Sreenivasan’s farming business has statewide support and actress Manju Warrier was present during the paddy harvest in Ernakulam district at Sreeni Farms.

Sukumaran, a farmer from Chekadi in Wayanad district, told IANS: “The initiative taken by actor Sreenivasan has given a big boost to indigenous agriculture and it will preserve the rare varieties of rice that would have disappeared from the face of the earth.

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