Chitradurga: computer scientist proves organic farming can be profitable

Daijiworld Media Network – Chitradurga (SP)

Chitradurga, January 29: Everyone these days yearns to spend time in air-conditioned offices and hates farming. Young people in particular are heading to cities as soon as possible. Graduated engineers in particular roam from company to company to work in cool and comfortable conditions. Unlike them, a lady here who graduated in engineering and earned a good salary in the computer industry, had a good harvest and made a good profit. She created a job for her brother and provided jobs for several people in her village.

Roja Reddy from Donehalli village, Challakere taluk in the district, worked for a Bengaluru-based IT company after completing his engineering studies. She has returned home due to the coronavirus-induced lockdown. She joins her father and brother and decides to start organic farming. His parents initially resisted his idea, pointing out that their village suffers from a lack of water. But she eventually convinced them, used the time available for farming activities, spoke to many progressive farmers, and started organic farming. Initially, she became the subject of ridicule in her hometown. But the lady went ahead with determination and grew 35 kinds of vegetables on six acres of land and earned millions of rupees. The people of his village have now become his admirers.

Initially, Roja was interested in getting involved in agriculture when she was doing engineering, but her parents forced her to choose the field of engineering and come to Bengaluru to work. When she worked, she used to study in her spare time, the methods of organic farming. During the confinement period, it obtained the support of agricultural producers outside the state. She brought vegetable seeds from Belagavi, Maharashtra and other places, and worked hard in her farmland. Now she has an income of 10,000 to 15,000 rupees per day. Her father and brother, who were fed up with farming and abandoned it, are now too busy. Roja, with his initiative, provided work for several villagers.

Challakere taluk is known to suffer from drought year after year. Many farmers have abandoned their farming activities due to lack of water. The young girl took this as a challenge and only cultivated six acres on 15 acres of family land, dug a well, and opted for drip irrigation. Initially, she used manure and farmyard manure to grow 35 kinds of vegetables, including chili, tomato, brinjal, cauliflower, etc. which she herself sells on the market.

By developing an app, she got into online marketing. It has supplied organic vegetables to residents of several districts, including Bengaluru and Udupi. She gets good income because there is a demand for organic vegetables. Many farmers keep coming to see the farming method she adopted. It provides information on the importance of agriculture and provides seeds for experimental purposes.

Roja plans to start an online vegetable marketing company. She intended to start an online organic market business to provide organic vegetables and improve the health of the people. She educated people on organic farming and income aspects. His parents and the villagers are happy with his accomplishments.

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