Chloë Grace Moretz on Coming Out, Blurred Lines and Finding Unity


Just say a word, I keep thinking. I have been waiting for over a decade to hear Chloë Grace Moretz say the phrase: “I am homosexual”. I’m not trying to get it out. And believe me, I’m not one of those perverts with their brutal countdowns waiting to see when a female celebrity is “legal” – I’ve seen these “fans” torment a lot of female performers in the past, including Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Natalie Portman and Britney Spears. And no doubt since she played in Kick ass when she was 12 years old, Moretz had these “fans” too but even more so those of us who were truly inspired by her talent.

But I a m a queer fan, one who noticed that not so quietly, Moretz has become one of Hollywood’s most ardent LGBTQ + supporters. Then she went out with a woman, in public, without making a statement about what that meant. And ever since they did, I have wanted to transform Moretz’s story, in the public social sphere, from an “LGBTQ + ally” to who she really is, who seems to be “identified as LGBTQ”. . She is one of us.

Now 24, Moretz has appeared in over 60 movies or TV shows, from a young age. The Guardian and Amityville Horror to his most recent sci-fi thriller Mother / Android, which debuts on Hulu on December 17. She’s one of the best modern actors who started out as a child star (she was 6 when she started acting) and has only gotten better over the years. After Kick ass came Hugo and then his incredible performance in the haunting remake, Let me enter (the remake of a Swedish film is ostensibly about vampires, but it also has strong allegories to the chosen family and queer existentialism).

Let me enter is one of my favorite projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on, ”says Moretz. “I never want to be labeled in a specific genre, and I think for myself, I want to keep guessing.”

His roles are now dozens, often competing and of opposite types. While filming a seven-episode arc in the very grown-up series dirty sexy money, she also voiced Darby in 87 episodes of My friends Tigger and Ourson.

Until now, his choices of actor and production sometimes seem mercurial but also like calculated premonitory choices.

“I try to follow my heart and listen to where I am currently and not to guess too far ahead of me,” Moretz admits. “It was mostly an unconscious decision. I just listen to my heart trying to keep up with projects that enlighten me in ways others haven’t. Where I know with all my heart that there is no other project I can imagine doing at this time.

While watching as a child sent to anti-gay conversion therapy in Desiree Akhavan’s 2018 film, Cameron Post’s poor educationMoretz has proven to be a skillful LGBTQ + ally, at least when speaking of her extremely close gay brothers – one has been her business manager, the other her interim trainer. Moretz also spoke at length about gay conversion therapy and how his two brothers tried to “make gays disappear” while growing up in a small largely Baptist town in Georgia.

Cameron Post’s poor education is a project that is of course incredibly strange, itself relating to the struggles of Christian conversion therapy, ”Moretz said. “It highlights the poor education of those who are practitioners and the lack of understanding and acceptance they have for young gay people. It shows how incredibly damaging conversion therapy is to the heart and mind. It was so important to be able to play Cameron. With Desiree Akhavan adapting and directing the story, I knew it was going to be handled in the perfect way.

Somewhere along the line, Moretz herself had not only become an LGBTQ + ally, but also a staunch feminist and a bright and refreshing political voice. In 2014, Time The magazine named her one of the 25 most influential teens of the year. In 2016, she backed Hillary Clinton for president, speaking at the Democratic National Convention that summer, urging young people to withdraw the vote.

“It has always been a concerted effort for me in my career to make sure I use my voice and my platform to express how I feel on certain issues,” Moretz said. “It started at a young age, and it was really tough, especially early on with the amount of hindsight I’ve seen in the industry and those I had come in contact with or had. the potential to work. “

She said people would repeatedly ask, “Do you really want to be that girl? “

“My response was shameless: ‘Yes!’ [she laughs] I want to be that girl. A big part of who I am is speaking my truth no matter what and educating myself on the issues that are dear to me so I can better learn how to change the world around me.

And of course, by the time the gripping and sort of queer thriller Greta was released in 2018, Moretz showed she was much more than a pretty saucer-eyed ingenuous. It is a power for which playing is only an avenue open to it. And his personal life is both public (People the magazine photographed her on dates with men and women) but also, well, privately and without a label.

After his 2018 breakup with Brooklyn Beckham, Moretz appeared to be dating model Kate Harrison. In 2021, she would be single but was also linked to Jansen Panettiere and others. Who knows what is true about the gossip speculation. But Moretz also told reporters she shouldn’t have to go out. It shouldn’t be a question.

“I really think it should be up to the person, whatever you think you have to do to be your real self – express yourself!” ” she says.

Of course, that’s ironic since Moretz recently produced the six-part Snap Original series, Go out, a six episodes spectacle available only on Snapchat’s Discover. Each episode highlights a young LGBTQ + person who invites us into her life as she shares the next step in her coming out journey, supported by queer icon and beauty expert, Manny MUA, CEO of Lunar Beauty. Each episode ends with a swipe up to The Trevor project, with whom Snapchat has a partnership, where the public can access and explore LGBTQ + resources.

The show ended earlier this year, but is still available on Discover.

Unlike the children of Go out, however, Moretz was in the limelight for much of her life, deciding how much she could share with the world and how much she had just been taken from him. It can be difficult to silence any budding love in Hollywood, no matter what your orientation is.

“It’s always difficult for the public to make the connection between professional and staff,” says Moretz. “I like the anonymity in life. This is something that I really treasure. Of course, there is a side of my life where I have my platform and, in my opinion, the ability to spread love and change through my personal perspective and perspectives. I try to do it in a way that is organic and natural to me.

Moretz admits that social media played a huge role in his ability to do so.

“I can speak directly to my fans in my own words and have a common dialogue,” the actress said. “I find talking with them through social media a place where we can discuss what is most important to us.

Moretz backed down a bit on her own projects a few years ago, saying she wanted to do a job where she could find herself through the roles she chooses. Presumably, this also extends to the work it produces.

“The reason I took a step back was to be able to find myself and have a purpose in every project I choose to participate in,” says Moretz. “Most certainly, this decision extends to the work I produce. Go out is a show that fascinates me so much. I hope this is a show that will help save lives by sharing what coming out means to each individual – that no “coming out” story is the same, each is unique. “

The project came to Moretz through its producer partners, 44 Blue.

“We had a meeting with them and we lined up on so many different aspects, one of them was on this project, Coming Out,” recalls Moretz. “It felt like a wonderful room that we wanted to put our weight on, and after four years of finding the perfect house, we met Snapchat and it really looked like the perfect roster.”

She says that “being able to have LGBTQ + content in the palms of the hands of children and adults around the world has made the reach even greater. They also didn’t want to detail what “Coming Out” could mean in all the different facets of the community. I am very proud of the great people who have decided to join us and share their stories.

Of course, there is a rich nuance in many of Moretz’s recent roles as in Greta, which has a strange read.

“I think it’s interesting in projects where gender roles and sexuality are blurry,” Moretz says. “I like being able to turn the script around and have people find little moments in the projects that can surprise them. It is, for me, the beauty of art. Having the ability and the freedom to blur the lines and express each character in different facets in order to show the audience that there are so many different aspects to all of us.

For Moretz, even something that is apparently just a fun children’s movie like Tom and Jerry has important sons for Moretz. In this case, “unity,” she said.

“Unity is what I hope most for our world,” adds the actress-activist-producer. “Especially here in the United States, we need to find unity and compassion. We live in such a divided time. We have conservative lawmakers bringing in deplorable legislation that takes our country back in time, rewriting the change that has been so [difficult to fight for]. There must be a path to acceptance, unity, compassion and love in this country and across the world. We are and will always be stronger together.


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