Helplines: June 5, 2022 | Newspaper hotlines

THE STONE FAMILY, Sharon and Jeff, created a beautiful legacy and tribute to their son Brad by awarding more than $263,800 in scholarships to local high school graduates. We wish you much success with the 22nd Annual Brad Stone Summer Classic at Fenton Farms Golf Club on June 18th.

MY HUSBAND AND I would like to see an organic natural food restaurant in the area. We would happily drive from Fenton to Linden to eat there.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES! The class of 2022 has endured many challenges and obstacles in their high school careers that were unimaginable just a few years ago. You have faced and overcome these obstacles. Now we are counting on you to lead us to a better world. Congratulations and good luck!

HOW TO COME WHEN the left starts its gun control shit on school shootings, it never mentions Paducah Kentucky, where an armed teacher stopped the cold shooting.

I CAN’T believe that locking doors and security guards is the answer. A security guard was at the Buffalo, New York, shooting a retired cop, who was shot. These shooters have full armour, these shooters will fit other soft targets.

SCHOOL SHOOTERS IN GENERAL don’t hate children. They hate each other. In what law enforcement generally calls “suicide by a cop,” the shooters want someone else to end their pain for them. They are too cowardly to commit suicide and very few school shooters are judged.

ABC NEWS REPORTS over 20 million AR-15 type rifles in legal circulation in the United States. And you’re upset about how 20-30 was used? The numbers do not add up. Weapons are not the problem.

TAKE A DEEP take a breath, calm down and check yourself. Your emotional, irrational and hysterical response to Uvalde is not helpful.

MAKE GOOD PEOPLE helpless won’t make bad people harmless. Gun control won’t stop a bad guy from getting a gun.

WHERE IS THE BEST place in this area to get your CPL? I think my wife and I will invest in this education and license for our own safety.

NOVEMBER HALF-TERMS can’t get here fast enough. There has to be a gigantic red wave for us to get this country back on track to becoming the greatest country in the world.

IN 2011, OIL was $113 a barrel under Obama/Biden. In 2020, oil was $28 a barrel under Trump. Today we are at $120 a barrel. Tell me again how the president doesn’t affect gas prices.

MY BOSS WARNED me on what might happen if Biden is elected. He predicted this mess and yet voted for it simply because he didn’t like Trump’s personality. So we voted for the old fool and now see how bad things are. I’m done listening to my boss.

WHY PEOPLE who can’t afford diapers for their children to continue having babies?

ABORTION BAN WILL NOT BE criminalize natural miscarriages, prevent women from obtaining life-saving treatment, and deny access to contraceptives. Induced abortions are not medically necessary, they are simply an elective procedure of convenience.

WHY NOBODY have you ever answered the phone at the Fenton post office? I have to drive there, so you know I never received the stamps I ordered two weeks ago.

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