How to Share Kindle eBooks with Your Friends and Family

One of the greatest joys of reading is sharing what you love. When you buy a physical book and love it, you pass it on to your friends and family who might glean the same happiness, sadness, or wonder you had when you read it. But sharing that joy isn’t always that easy when you have an eBook instead of a physical book. Handing your entire Kindle over to someone doesn’t seem realistic, but it’s not the only way to share an eBook.

Kindle has a built-in loan feature called the Family library. It’s a great way to share your book collection with friends and family that connects two adults and up to four children, from an adult account, to share Amazon Prime benefits and Kindle eBooks . To configure it, you will need to link all accounts together via Amazon household. Next, go to Manage Your Content and Devices, select Content, then View Family Library, and turn on sharing on all of your Kindle eBooks. Check the box next to the books you want to share, then select Add to library.

If you don’t have the family library – or want to share books with more than just your family – there’s always an option to share your eBooks. You can’t read a loaned book while someone else is reading it, so it wouldn’t work for a simultaneous book club situation, but it’s a great option to share with those outside your area. family library. Here is a step by step guide.

Choose your book

Click on “Content and Devices” in your Amazon drop-down menu
Credit: amazone

Go to the Manage your content and devices drop-down menu and choose the eBook you want to loan. This is an important step because not all Kindle eBooks are loanable. You can check if this is the case by checking the product details or by looking at the content and devices page.

Lend it

You will see an Actions button that you click and select Loan this title. If a book is not loanable, this option will not appear. You can only lend a Kindle eBook once, so be sure to lend it to the person who deserves it the most.

Choose the recipient

You will now be prompted to enter the recipient’s personal email address associated with their Amazon account and you will be given the option to add a message. Then select Send. Just because their personal email address needs to be associated with their Amazon account doesn’t mean they need to have a Kindle to read the book you’re sharing – they can read it from the free Kindle app or by online at

Let them read and enjoy

After sending the copy, a book loan notification is sent to the recipient. They have to accept the loan – if they don’t within seven days, it is returned to you. They only have 14 days to read it before it gets sent back to you.

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