Megola confirms 2 acquisition product lines

Acquisition of a line of specialty coffee products

Acquires Sio2 Proteksol for seed and foliage coating

Bigger deals to come

BONITA SPRINGS, FL /ACCESSWIRE/March 14, 2022/ Megola Inc. (OTC PINK: MGON) Megola, Inc. (“MGON”, “Company”) is a consortium group of environmentally friendly healthcare technologies and product lines. Megola, through product and technology acquisitions, has grown to have its own e-commerce brand division, service department, licensing division, franchise division, all of which maintain the various product portfolios manufactured in Megola. “These are just the beginning of our acquisitions as the company is in the final stages of negotiations for several other product lines from Medesol LLC and others,” said CEO Robert Gardiner. “We will begin offering our coffee lines on our e-commerce site with other distribution networks and will soon launch a pilot project with a major Canadian marijuana grower for the Proteksol Seed coating,” Gardiner continues.

On February 22, 2022, MGON entered into a Business Assets Purchase and Sale Agreement with RBG Wholesale, in which MGON agreed to purchase certain specialty coffee product lines, brand label and licensing agreements. supply, for the purchase price of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000). ), payable as follows: (1) fifteen thousand (15,000) Series F preferred shares of MGON, valued at $1.00 per share.

Health and wellness cafe

* weight loss coffee – increases metabolism with a thermogenic boost helping to burn calories and convert fatty acids and glucose into energy by inhibiting fat tissue production and increasing energy. Infused with Hoodia Gordoni and Garcinia Chromium Picolinate

* Immune Boosting Coffee – improves overall vitality, immune and nervous system, increases antibody production, helps restore health and fight bacteria, boosts polysaccharides and polyphenols. Infused with Black Samson Echinacea, Chinese Astragalus, Reich and Chelated Zinc.

* Sensuality Tonic Blend – increases libido in women and men, helps maintain balanced levels of progesterone and testosterone and stimulates the nervous system. Infused with Maca, Damiana and Horny Goat Weed.

* Blend of tranquility – achieves an anti-stress effect by reducing muscle tension and anxiety. Also improves concentration, improves overall mood and relieves pain by reducing negative trigger endorphins which stimulate serotonin secretion. Infused with Gaba Ashwagandha and Griffonia

* Energy mix – increases energy, focus and awareness, includes antioxidants that invigorate the body and contains minerals, vitamins, protein, fiber and essential fatty acids. Infused with Guarana, Acai, Gogi and Chocolate.

Besides the health benefits, the above health and wellness coffee lines are produced using an eco-friendly manufacturing process and strictly following 100% biodegradable packaging guidelines. All coffees are Fair Trade and Certified Organic infused with 100% natural extracts with bio-altering properties, with caffeine being used as the delivery method.

* CBD infused coffee

The CBD-infused coffee produces an anti-stress effect and reduces pain while helping the user feel alert, calm and focused. Can have three strength levels – intro, regular and maximum.

The product is made from 100% special quality coffee beans and hemp extracts from organic farming.

Coffee is roasted and brewed in an FDA registered facility in accordance with good industry standards
manufacturing practices (GMP).

Can come in whole bean, roasted and ground, K-cup and Nespresso compatible pods.

On March 11, 2022, Megola entered into an agreement for the purchase and sale of commercial assets with Medesol LLC

On March 11, 2022, MGON entered into a commercial asset purchase and sale agreement with Medesol LLC, (, in which MGON agreed to buy license and manufacturing rights of Sio2 Proteksol for seeds and foliage it is a safe, nanoparticle-free, water-based, and environmentally friendly coating application that helps seeds and the natural ability of plants to grow, for the purchase price of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000), payable as follows: (1) fifteen thousand (15,000) Series F preferred shares of MGON, valued at $1.00 per share.

Easy to apply, SIO2 Proteksol Seeds & Foliage The coating is VOC-free and treats the seed with a coating of harmless silicon dioxide molecules – the same molecules found in the seed itself. The coating encapsulates the seed in a protective barrier that prevents mold problems and acts as a fertilizer to help its growth.

With a range of different seed types, SIO2 Proteksol Seed & Foliage:

increases germination,

• improves root size,

• increases shoot length by more than 60%,

• accelerates the growth of cotyledons,

• increases seed vigor,

• Increases yield per acre. These benefits mean that treated seeds germinate faster, are less lost to mold, and plants grow faster.

Using SIO2 Proteksol Seed & Foliage Coating will eliminate the need for traditional chemical fertilizers which are ineffective due to hydrolysis, decomposition, photosynthesis degradation, expensive and can leach into the soil, causing other problems. The SIO2 Proteksol Seed & Foliage Coating acts as an individual super fertilizer that targets each individual seed without waste and protects it against the caustic nature of the soil.

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