New biological solution emerges to keep livestock waterlines intact

“I was looking for an alternative to caustic or acidic water pipe cleaners. I have had several friends in the poultry industry who have used the wrong dose of caustics, and it has caused damage to their flock, not only loss of productivity, but also physical damage to the welfare of the herd,” he said.

If inhaled, the vapors can also be very dangerous and pose a serious risk to farmers and agricultural workers who use caustic or acidic products in the workplace.

“To begin with, I wanted to find a replacement product for our current waterline cleaner that could remove the typical buildup of biofilm and calcium carbonate in waterlines that every farmer who moves volumes of ‘water to livestock or plants must manage,’ he said.

Second, he wanted to find a non-toxic and ideally organic solution. Although he is not an organic farmer himself, he says concern for people and the environment must be essential to everyone’s business prospects in the modern world, especially in agriculture where farmers are at the forefront of environmental stewardship.

“We are dealing with living beings: plants, animals, whatever they are, so it is very important that we always proceed with great caution and manage as best we can,” he said. Explain. “You always get the most out of something by treating it the best you can.”

On-farm trial reveals non-toxic solution with unexpected results

After first reviewing the data and evidence from international research, he decided to test Biocat+ OSAA in his own egg laying operation and the results were surprising. Food consumption was reduced by 8%; egg production increased by 4%; and eggshell quality improved, providing a uniform brown-colored shell.

“At the end of the trial, I had the best herd I’ve ever had. All my measurement points improved and bird welfare was better,” he noted. “I didn’t use any antibiotics during the 14 month herd cycle and I had no issues with herd health. The herd ran as best they could.

Egg quality, color and weight are additional outcome measures that can maximize the flock cycle.

“We need to extract as many eggs as possible from the birds, but those eggs need to be of the correct weight, size, color and shell quality. I found that with OSAA we had an improvement in hull quality,” he said. “As the birds approach 13 to 14 months there is a natural decline in shell quality, but I haven’t seen this when using OSAA. We previously raised the flock to 16 weeks to 72 weeks. Now we can keep them for up to 76 weeks and maybe looking to go up to 80 weeks in the future. The longer we can keep them, the more we spread out our investment over time. Thanks to OSAA, the flock continues to perform well and egg production has not decreased as before.”

The ability to keep water systems clean is directly linked to herd health, especially gut health, he said.

“The reason birds live longer, are healthier and produce better quality eggs is because their gut health is so much better – that’s also why they eat less food,” he said. he declares. “We’re seeing better bioavailability in the gut, which means they’re able to absorb important nutrients from their diet much better, so they need less food to have the same result while producing more eggs. numerous and of better quality.”

A cleaner gut produces less drier manure, which produces less ammonium and creates a healthier environment for herd growth.

He could tell his pipes were clear, due to a few sweating pipe joints.

“I could tell the product kept the water lines clear as I had a few issues with leaky pipes. Usually this will seal within a few days as the calcium carbonate impurities will block the hole and it will close” , he explained. “Because it keeps the water lines perfectly clean, you don’t have that seal, so make sure your seals are perfectly secure. And I was extremely impressed with the savings in feed consumption and the additional income generated by the increased egg production.

No special equipment is needed to use OSAA. He can easily go through a Dosatron. OSAA is registered in the UK and is available as an organic product.

“I read the data and thought it sounded too good to be true, so I tested it on the farm. I’ve seen it work, and I wouldn’t lead a herd without it now,” he said.

Henry Madders, managing director of Citadel Environmental Solutions, notes that similar benefits – reduced feed intake, reduced antibiotic use and faster weight gain – can be seen in broiler farms.

For more information on Biocat+ OSAA, email [email protected]

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